Our mission

Revealing potential, embracing diversity, and celebrating achievements of all sizes.

Why we exist: To provide high quality private therapy services to families in our community.

What makes us different: We have an established neurodiversity affirming approach and we provide a combination of clinic based and mobile therapy. We are known for our strengths in Augmentative and Alternative communication.

Our values


We respect our clients and this comes across in everything we do, particularly in our client-centred care. We respect our colleagues and ourselves. We diligently follow our code of ethics and maintain a high level of client confidentiality as part of this.


We are passionate about what we do. It brings us joy to see our clients succeed. We tailor our services to fit the needs of our clients and their families.


We learn and achieve more when we have fun working towards our goals. A fun workplace is a happy one and helps us enjoy what we do.


We provide evidence based practice and are constantly improving what we do through continuous learning. We learn through training, from each other, and from personal reflection.

“Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will spend its life thinking it is an idiot.”